Recent NAVA Meeting 09/08/18

We had a very good meeting at the Native American Veterans Association this Saturday on 09/08/18.  We had some great speeches about the election that was happening at the Navajo Nation, a project on creating an Native American village, the future powwow which in 8 weeks from now.  Talks were about what is happening with the Veterans Association, the Department of Mental Health, we had talks about the Veterans for Peace, handouts by the Native Orthodox Church, and had a very healthy lunch with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eat clean and healthy.

I’d like to share some websites that some of the people represented at the NAVA meeting.

NAVA meets every second Saturday at Southgate Girl’s Clubhouse.

Check out some of these sites and please share it with people who will benefit from them, thank you”

Native American Veterans Association –

Native Orthodox Church –

Veterans for Peace –

Department of Mental Health –

Veterans Association –

Talking Stick: Winona LaDuke – Honor the Earth

Featured Movie




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