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Dear Community, I’m a Native Californian of Mission Indian descent, grandson of Artie Ortego aka Chief Little Horse who participated in parades, rodeos, pageants, and appeared in over 24 motion pictures from 1912-1955. I’m a student of Indian Lore, history, and theology. Studied under Ataloa Mary Stone McClendon, Chickasaw. Worked with Red Dawn, director of American Indian Lore Association. Worked with the “Y” Indian Guide, Woodcraft Rangers, and various private camps as an Indian Lore and Craft Director, Camp Counselor, and Archery Instructor. I’ve also worked assistant to Sun Bear, publisher of Many Smokes magazine.

I’ve been an active member and worker of the Indian Center Youth Group and the Navajo Sand Painters Club under the direction of Jones Wallace Benally. On December 1969, I joined the LA Times and worked with the Associated Press on a documentary about problems indigenous people face in the inner city. While working for the advertising department, I sometimes did research for reporters and kept them informed about the Native American Community. In 1971, I was elected to the Indian Center Board, following year appointed to board of directors for the Huntington Park free clinic. In 1980, I became Provisional Scout Master for the Indian Center and became a member of the American Indian Education Commission.

At my son’s elementary school I served as chairman of the Advisory Council, State School Site, Region G Chess Committee, and volunteered at Title VII LAUSD. During this time I was also promoting computers, music, and art in schools. In 1997, I retired from the L.A. Times and to incorporate the Native Orthodox Church.

I’m an independent scholar, I attend workshops, and class lectures at both ELAC, and CSULA. I can be found most Saturdays at the American Indian Resource Center, Huntington Park Library.

My true passion is working to ensure the vitality and relevance of leadership in the community we serve. There isn’t a week that goes by that I’m not moved by how meetings, powwows, and dances have united people and changed lives. It’s wonderful to see our community make new friendships and in a few cases find their life partner. I love bringing people together to break down stereotypes. We have an incredible opportunity to be innovative and take risks to reinvent and reinvigorate our roles in society. I hope we can continue to learn and evolve from one another.

– Rev. Michael Wayne, Your Hungry Coyote

Websites: NativeOrthodoxChurch.org and ArtieOrtego.com.

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