Statements of Faith

The members of International Aboriginal Ministries, affirm our faith that:

1. There is but one “Creator.” – We believe in one universal spirit, divine and important; of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness; maker of all things.  Although our Creator is called by many names by peoples of various creeds, faiths and spiritual traditions in truth, all Gods are but reflections of the one Great Mystery, our Creator.

2. God is everywhere. – We believe God, the Creator, dwells everywhere, within and without, above and below?.  As such, we are bound to respect all creation, for in that manner we do honor not only to our Creator, but also to ourselves.

3. God is the Universal Divine Source. – We believe that, although the specific cultural and spiritual traditions of each tribe arc unique, all focus on celebrating and honoring the Sacred Circle of Life.  Due to the universal focus of these traditions, we believe they all emanate from a single Divine source, the Creator, and as such transcend any and all artificial borders, boundaries, or institutions devised by man.

4. Ours is a Living Faith. – We acknowledge that believing in our statement of faith is but one part of our duty to our Creator and ourselves; and that our duty includes living our statement of faith, setting an example for others to follow, reaching out with our hearts and hands to lift our brothers and sisters into the sacred circle: ultimately leaving this world a better place for ourselves and our posterity.

From: Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 16:

“Many religions have been brought to this land.  And the way my religion is.  They teach me.  And they taught me and told me to respect all religions.  And I still do that.”Horace Axtell. NEZ PERCE

“The Creator put on this Earth many different religions which represent different roads to walk to God. All religions are right and good if the path is the path to God. Should we be judging which road is better or worse than the other? When we accept each other’s way we can stand in a circle, hold hands and listen to each other as we pray to God. Let us be more accepting of the religions of others.”

“Great Spirit – God. Grandfather, Grandmother. Lord – let me know peace.”

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